I work for Wipro. More precisely; I work with clients so that they can get the most from the money they invest in technology.

Previously I spent fifteen years working at Accenture, seven at DXC, two at Steria and prior to that in various jobs in the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of clients over the years.

However, you’ll learn nothing about any of these companies or their clients by reading this blog. Sorry but I’m not an official spokesman and my job is worth too much to me.

If you believe that I’ve not upheld these rules, write to me and I’ll set the record straight as quickly as possible.

One thought on “Wipro…”

  1. Monsieur,
    Chargée de recherche dans un cabinet de chasse de tête,
    Votre profil me semble correspondre à une recherche que nous menons pour l’un de nos clients,
    Pouvez-vous me contacter au 01 44 01 38 63 ?
    Audrey Muller

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